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Pictures list from August 16th, 2007

Alpi Marittime. I've left the railway station at Limone Piemonte (1030m) to follow the L11 trail which follows the Almellina valley up to the plateau which lies between the Vermenagna and Pesio valleys; unfortunately around 1300m elevation I've lost the unmarked and faintly visible trail and wandered south of it; when I realized it was too late so I had to make a big detour in order to get to the plateau around 2050m high. The initial target was Bric Costa Rossa (2403m) but somewhere around 2150m I was too tired so I preffered to get down towards the Pesio valley on the H13 trail.

1. An intersection (254 kB)

2. Half sun, half shade (255 kB)

3. Up in the plateau (238 kB)

4. Bric Costa Rossa (220 kB)

5. Pesio valley (241 kB)

6. A marmot (257 kB)

7. A shepherd's cabin (266 kB)

8. An impressive wall (252 kB)

9. A trailside poem (255 kB)