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Pictures list from August 23th, 2007

From Azuga I followed Grecului valley to Saua la Cleste then another trail towards Poiana Izvoarelor , Pichetu Rosu and Prepeleag then ending at the Bucsoiu and Omu peaks . Because I didn't allocate well my time (it took me six hours from the Azuga rail station to Omu summit) and I had a train to catch in Busteni the descent of the Cerbului valley towards Busteni was the fastest in my life - it took me only 2hr 24min non-stop from the Omu chalet down to the point where the trail leaves the forest and meets the Cerbului valley, some 2.5km from the National Road.

1. Light green, dark green and gray (239 kB)

2. Acele Morarului (251 kB)

3. The new Poiana Izvoarelor chalet (257 kB)

4. Difficult terrain on Bucsoiu (270 kB)

5. The Costila radio tower is visible again (228 kB)

6. Closing on the Bucsoiu peak (248 kB)

7. Disappointment (236 kB)

8. Happy cows in Poiana Costila (241 kB)