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Pictures list from October 2nd, 2007

Gorgeous autumn hike; from the Zarnesti rail station I walked towards Poiana Chiliilor then I took the trail which goes to Padina Sindileriei. At first it goes thru forest, then some shrubs and after some 15 minutes walk from the split the real alpine part starts. Altrough the height difference is only some 600m the valley is absolutely beautfiul, as well as quite dangerous; there are some sections where you have to climb loose rocks (gravel). Some half an hour before reaching the Turnu summit you get out of the dark valley and into the sun. After some rest on the summit (where I've also met a Spanish trekker which I joined up to Curmatura Chalet) we continued towards Saua Padinei Inchise ; the descent was to Curmatura , Botorog spring then back to Zarnesti.

1. Leaving Zarnesti (247 kB)

2. The trail is hard to guess (257 kB)

3. The entrance (253 kB)

4. At the beginning (263 kB)

5. The first trail split (271 kB)

6. Rocks (263 kB)

7. The second split (269 kB)

8. Vertical (273 kB)

9. Emerging from the valley (250 kB)

10. On the Turnu summit (241 kB)

11. The Bucegi range (230 kB)

12. The autumn is here (247 kB)

13. With a fallen tree (254 kB)

14. The end of a gorgeous day (252 kB)