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Pictures list from December 8th, 2007

We planned to climb from Azuga to Garbova chalet via Clabucetul Taurului then to descend towards Predeal ; however due to high snow levels and since the trail was not open we got quite tired so around 100m below the summit and a bit more than 1km away from the chalet we gave up; we descended freely thru the forest until reaching the Ursoaia Mare valley which we followed to the National Road (I descended the same valley two years ago).

1. Some future trees (240 kB)

2. Bucegi (235 kB)

3. Snowy me (259 kB)

4. Here we gave up (259 kB)

5. Liviu going down (266 kB)

6. Sitting in the snow (219 kB)