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Pictures list from August 19th, 2008

Night time trip. I've left the Capra Chalet at 9.45pm and without any hurry I reached Capra Lake around 1am ; as the lake was engulfed in fog I decided to continue without stopping towards Capra Saddle but just before reaching it I got out of the fog; from there I returned to the lake shore, this time without fog, for a lunch break; then I reached again Capra Saddle at 2.30am then proceeded to descend towards Balea Lac chalet which I reached at 3.15am ; from here it was 17km on the paved road to Capra and Piscu Negru chalets.

1. Vidraru Lake with a low level

2. An extraordinarily bad taste

3. Before setting off

4. During a break

5. Fog over the lake

6. Fog over the lake

7. Lots of trails at Balea Lac

8. The chalet on the lake shore

9. The sun is rising over the mountains