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Pictures list from August 30th, 2008

A trip quite similar to the previous one; we've left the car on the Transfagarasan road at 1910m elevation at the last intersection of the paved road with the trail which comes from the Capra Chalet; we took the trail upwards towards Capra Lake and Saddle . The initial plan called for a climb on Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak but the strongs winds sent us back towards the Capra Lake then the steep descent trail towards Cota 2000 Salvamont Chalet . The weather was quite ugly, with rain at the beginning and end of the trip plus very chilly wind gusts.

1. Monica and Liviu in the rain (263 kB)

2. Lots of traffic on Transfagarasan (227 kB)

3. Taking a break soon after departing (238 kB)

4. The fog is lifting (226 kB)

5. Liviu pictures the landscape (260 kB)

6. In the Capra saddle (251 kB)

7. Capra lake, partially in fog (231 kB)

8. Caprita lake (219 kB)

9. During a break on the descent trail (236 kB)

10. Lots of fog (226 kB)

11. Cota 2000 starts to be visible (243 kB)

12. Looking upwards from where we came (242 kB)

13. At the end (238 kB)

14. Group picture (237 kB)

15. Me at the abandoned Cota 2000 building (213 kB)