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Pictures list from October 4th, 2008

Round-trip from Cheia to Zaganu ridge - Gropsoare peak - La Rascruce - Muntele Rosu chalet then again Cheia via the Gropsoare forestry road. The weather was much nicer and warmer than our expectations. All along the way we were accompanied by a stray dog which joined our grup from the moment we parked our car.

1. A tree with the roots out

2. Taking a break at the edge of the forest

3. Going up again

4. Lots of colors

5. Monica and a dog

6. The shepherds house

7. Two dogs

8. Resting afer the climb

9. The southern end of Zaganu ridge

10. A lateral ridge

11. On the Gropsoare peak

12. Again on the peak, me and the dog

13. Going down

14. Monica and Liviu walking towards Muntele Rosu