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Pictures list from October 4th, 2008

Round-trip from Cheia to Zaganu ridge - Gropsoare peak - La Rascruce - Muntele Rosu chalet then again Cheia via the Gropsoare forestry road. The weather was much nicer and warmer than our expectations. All along the way we were accompanied by a stray dog which joined our grup from the moment we parked our car.

1. A tree with the roots out (263 kB)

2. Taking a break at the edge of the forest (251 kB)

3. Going up again (242 kB)

4. Lots of colors (252 kB)

5. Monica and a dog (270 kB)

6. The shepherds house (265 kB)

7. Two dogs (261 kB)

8. Resting afer the climb (238 kB)

9. The southern end of Zaganu ridge (253 kB)

10. A lateral ridge (239 kB)

11. On the Gropsoare peak (235 kB)

12. Again on the peak, me and the dog (236 kB)

13. Going down (228 kB)

14. Monica and Liviu walking towards Muntele Rosu (241 kB)