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Pictures list from March 15th, 2009

The Transbus Codreanu bus was on time and left me at 3.35pm at 'La Sipote' (km 4 on National Road 73A) from where I proceeded towards Diham Chalet - Pichetu Rosu then descending towards Poiana Izvoarelor and Busteni . Besides the dogs at Diham and Poiana Izvoarelor chalets I haven't met anyone on the trail.

1. At the beginning of the trail (313 kB)

2. Piatra Craiului, far way (231 kB)

3. Lights and shades in the forest (257 kB)

4. Postavaru Range and a cloud (251 kB)

5. The Costila TV Relay (233 kB)

6. Diham chalet (234 kB)

7. Between Diham and Pichetu Rosu (246 kB)

8. The heights (232 kB)

9. At Pichetu Rosu (246 kB)

10. The new chalet at Poiana Izvoarelor (258 kB)