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Pictures list from August 29th, 2009

Nice walk across the massif from south-east to north-west; from Valea Doftanei (part of the Traisteni village) at the end of the paved road we went some 2km on the forestry road to the beginning of Plaiul Orjogoaia which we climbed to the plateau ; then we crossed the plateau along some shepherds' trails until reaching the main north-south road some 3km south from Schiori chalet; from there the descent was towards Azuga . When we got off the car in Traisteni two stray dogs joined us, then followed us to Azuga along the 9 hours of the trip.

1. Catalin with a big mushroom (270 kB)

2. Everyone in the forest (260 kB)

3. It's raining (246 kB)

4. Walking in the rain (248 kB)

5. Lots of mushrooms (231 kB)

6. Fog on the valleys (237 kB)

7. Silvia taking pictures (226 kB)

8. The small lake (233 kB)

9. On the plateau (239 kB)

10. The lake, again (233 kB)

11. Mountains, far away (222 kB)

12. The highest elevation of the day (245 kB)

13. Monica and the dogs in Azuga (236 kB)