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Pictures list from November 17th, 2009

For my first attempt to explore Capatanii range I've chosen an easy one-day trail: Baile Olanesti - Suta village - Manastirea Frasinei - Rostea mountain - IF Lotrisor - Motel Lotrisor . Unfortunately the trip was a big disappointment; the trail marking is nearly absent on the terrain; the part between Olanesti and Frasinei completely lacks any mountain attributes, being rather a walk over the muddy, gentle hills, and from Frasinei going north the trail disappears at a given point, so around Muntele Rostea saddle I've aborted the initial plan and descended towards Calimanesti via Caldarile valley.

1. Leaving Olanesti (334 kB)

2. Along the back yards (337 kB)

3. Lots of mud (433 kB)

4. The paved road (510 kB)

5. Curse (333 kB)

6. Male road (483 kB)

7. Frasinei Monastery (299 kB)

8. Thru the thick forest (451 kB)

9. The Cozia Massif (169 kB)

10. The ridge trail (332 kB)

11. Autumn colors (376 kB)

12. Damaged forestry road (420 kB)

13. Lots of mushrooms (449 kB)