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Pictures list from December 27th, 2009

When we've entered the Grecului valley forestry road we've noticed behind us a group of other walkers which have descended from the same train; we've stopped to wait for them and it was a good idea, because they've shown us another version of the trail towards Grecului saddle , not the 'classic' one which follows the valley floor but one which climbs the left bank of the river and exits some 50 meters higher then the saddle in the trail which goes from Grecului saddle towards Predeal (blue stripe). some 500 meters north of the saddle. The four were members of the Floarea de Colt alpine club and we've met one of them seven months before! All six of us climbed to Saua Grecului but there myself and a lady decided to turn back (I disliked the blizzard) while the four others proceeded towards Busteni.

1. Lucky us, we're under 15 tonnes (447 kB)

2. Climbing thru the woods (393 kB)

3. In a row (399 kB)

4. A tree blocks the trail (347 kB)

5. With Emil during a break (191 kB)

6. We've nearly reached the sadle (107 kB)

7. The sign is visible (204 kB)

8. Myself in the saddle (217 kB)

9. In the train, going back (359 kB)