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Pictures list from January 16th, 2010

From Azuga we took again the alternate path to Saua Grecului, then proceeded to Saua La Cleste where the four from Floarea de Colt split; the remaining five continued to Diham when we took a 15 minute break. The return was back via Saua La Cleste where Liviu preferred to proceed to Busteni and Don Mitica ran in front of us; the remaining three slowly descended to Azuga but this time using the standard trail at the bottom of the valley .

1. White and blue (462 kB)

2. We arrived at Grecului saddle (138 kB)

3. White trees (334 kB)

4. Official photo (402 kB)

5. Some are impatient (336 kB)

6. With my shadow (339 kB)

7. At La Cleste (369 kB)

8. Alina and a dog (289 kB)

9. We're approaching Diham (346 kB)

10. Sun towards Postavaru (308 kB)

11. Liviu and Emil tasting wine (348 kB)

12. Going back (337 kB)

13. The river (342 kB)

14. Waiting for the train (446 kB)