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Pictures list from April 23th, 2010

I left Sinaia railway station for the trail to Piatra Arsa chalet and back decided to keep climbing while it was safe; the turn around point proved to be lower than what I originally thought, some 1630m elevation so the trip was really short, only three and a half hours.

1. Fog at Cota 1400 (240 kB)

2. Light and shadows on the trail (504 kB)

3. Now it's allowed (337 kB)

4. The snow starts (333 kB)

5. It's still winter up here (374 kB)

6. Even more snow in the trail (338 kB)

7. Here I've given up (324 kB)

8. Another place full of snow (347 kB)

9. The Royal Clearing (322 kB)