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Pictures list from July 18th, 2010

By train, minivan and hitchikking (separately) we managed to assemble at Piscu negru around 1.30pm. From here we trekked towards Podeanu-Florea saddle - caldarea Berbecilor - Strunga Dracului avoiding trail - Strunga Doamnei - main ridge trail (here the sun was setting) with descent to Negoiu Chalet peste Strunga Ciobanului and Piatra Pranzului . My initial estimate of 9 hours with reaching Negoiu chalet around 10-11pm proved entirelly optimistic, in the end we arrived at Negoiu chalet at 4.20am next morning, after nearly 15 hours of walking. After an 8-hour sleep the following day we descended to Porumbacu .

1. Before crossing the Lespezi stream (358 kB)

2. On the bridgelet (382 kB)

3. Capra Chalet visible far away (207 kB)

4. Fog and dogs (298 kB)

5. Sheep appear from the fo (278 kB)

6. Going up from Podeanu-Florea saddle (343 kB)

7. The Lespezi peak (342 kB)

8. In Caldarea Berbecilor (508 kB)

9. In the same Caldare (436 kB)

10. Going down Strunga Doamnei (355 kB)

11. On the main ridge trail (368 kB)

12. The sun is setting over the mountains (352 kB)

13. Where we trekked yesterday (202 kB)

14. The official group photo (347 kB)

15. Leaving the chalet behind (345 kB)

16. At the end of forestry road (437 kB)