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Pictures list from July 24th, 2010

After the long trip from the previous week I wanted something short and easy so I asked Andrei to show me the trail which climbs from Poiana Tapului to Stana Regala ; here we split, Andrei continuing with some other people to Brana Ursilor while I descended towards Sinaia with stops at the viewpoints at Franz Josef rock and the one further down on the trail; I've seen both for the first time today.

1. Andrei, the mountain man (353 kB)

2. Me in the trail (529 kB)

3. A deep well (520 kB)

4. We arrived at Poiana Regala (386 kB)

5. A squirrel on the handrail (473 kB)

6. Modernity at Franz Josef rock (346 kB)

7. The view (261 kB)

8. Another viewpoint (337 kB)

9. The view from the second viewpoint (360 kB)

10. The other bank of the valley (400 kB)