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Pictures list from August 27th, 2010

From Zarnesti we trekked to the mouth of Crapatura valley then 250m (horizontally) more up to the origin of Padina Hotarului trail which we climbed to just below Turnu summit then ascended the summit itself where we took the main break of the day; the descent was by the difficult trail to Saua Crapaturii , then we descended in a record time the Crapatura valley to its inferior mouth which we visited just eigth hours ago; from here we continued down over the hills to the forestry road on Barsei valley .

1. At the beginning (343 kB)

2. The start of Padina Hotarului (350 kB)

3. Lights and shades (417 kB)

4. The valley gets narrow (491 kB)

5. A vertical wall (487 kB)

6. Further up (526 kB)

7. During a break (257 kB)

8. We're nearly done (119 kB)

9. Small trees (533 kB)

10. Piatra Mica with Bucegi as background (355 kB)

11. Bucegi range at maximum zoom (263 kB)

12. On the Turnu summit (318 kB)

13. At the upper end of Padina Hotarului (367 kB)

14. Emil (230 kB)

15. Going down (507 kB)

16. Me clinging on a cable (334 kB)

17. Further cables (338 kB)

18. On Crapaturii valley (506 kB)

19. In tren (269 kB)