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Pictures list from September 12th, 2010

A remake of a trip from nine months ago; from the Valea Larga railway station I climbed to National Road 1 then the hidrographically left (southern) bank of Valea lui Bogdan to a spring around 1430m of elevation under Razoare summit ; I've continued southwards to descend to Posada over the hills with no trail reaching National Road 1 again at the mouth of the Conciu river.

1. The trail is hard to guess (426 kB)

2. Now it's better (342 kB)

3. Where the forest ends (342 kB)

4. Quiet landscape (341 kB)

5. Three planes (360 kB)

6. At the sprig (403 kB)

7. Prahova valley (271 kB)

8. Looking back shortly (371 kB)

9. My lucky trail (348 kB)

10. The end (475 kB)