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Pictures list from December 26th, 2010

From Predeal we followed more or less the paved road to Trei Brazi then started the descent towards Cheile Rasnoavei until reaching a clearing where we left the marked trail, avoiding the canyon on the southern bank; later we've lost the trail so we descended trail-less thru the woods and small vegetation to Rasnoavei river ; for coming back we followed the trail thru the canyon and over the Spinarea Calului saddle to Timisu de Sus station .

1. At the beginning (322 kB)

2. At Trei Brazi (441 kB)

3. Here we've left the marked trail (192 kB)

4. Thru the forest (419 kB)

5. Avoiding a fallen tree (462 kB)

6. Easy descent (476 kB)

7. Now it's difficult (416 kB)

8. No entry (410 kB)

9. A wall in the canyon (482 kB)

10. Southern Postavaru (366 kB)

11. Climbing in the mud (531 kB)

12. Towards the end (338 kB)

13. The official photo (379 kB)