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Pictures list from March 19th, 2011

We alighted the train at Valea Larga, crossed the national road then climbed the right side (hidrographically) of Valea lui Bogdan to a forestry chalet at an elevation of some 1120m . After a break we continued going up to Stana din Piciorul Gagului ; the descent was freely thru the woods to the Cainelui river which we met some 2km up from Sinaia.

1. Going up (369 kB)

2. Taking photos (351 kB)

3. Flowers (410 kB)

4. We arrived at the chalet (486 kB)

5. Official group photo (351 kB)

6. Don Mitica (375 kB)

7. The forestry chalet (317 kB)

8. Waiting to cross the tree (425 kB)

9. Weird trees (474 kB)

10. The tunnel is waiting for us (341 kB)

11. Thru the fog (313 kB)

12. Crossing the Cainelui stream (367 kB)