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Pictures list from April 23th, 2011

We got off the train at Nistoresti and climbed thru the woods to the unpaved road which follows the ridge which is parallel to Prahova valley; we followed this road northwards then continued on trail over the so-called summits of Boncu and Frumosu to a hill overlooking the Paltinu lake and dam; the return was to Comarnic.

1. Going up (334 kB)

2. On the unpaved road (347 kB)

3. We met a paved road too (342 kB)

4. Thru the forest (335 kB)

5. The so-called Boncu summit (342 kB)

6. The snow is far away (391 kB)

7. Going forward spread apart (334 kB)

8. Paltinu dam and lake (358 kB)

9. Going down (343 kB)