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Pictures list from July 23th, 2011

Easy and relaxing trip: From Dambu Morii we went up by Sirul Stancilor to an elevation of some 1450m where our trail met the one coming from Piatra Mare chalet ; going down we followed the latter to Pestera de Gheata (the Icy Cave) and the former Bonloc chalet ; finally from here we ended again at Dambu Morii .

1. Trail between tall trees (358 kB)

2. Sirul Stancilor begins (351 kB)

3. Under a wall (358 kB)

4. Another wall (343 kB)

5. At Pestera de Gheata (337 kB)

6. View towards Brasov (361 kB)

7. A neighbourhood of Brasov (359 kB)

8. Liviu going down (336 kB)

9. Looking back towards our trail (293 kB)