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Pictures list from September 27th, 2003

Two day trip with an overnight in Valea Sambetei chalet. The first day I was alone and it was pretty exhausting: I've left the car at Cabana Capra then Fereastra Zmeilor shelter - free navigation towards Nierlinger Memorial - main ridge thru Vistea Mare - Fereastra Mica - Fereastra Mare with going down to Valea Sambetei chalet (the descent from Fereastra Mare to the chalet was at night time, with the flashlight; when the batteries were exhausted I had a difficult time changing them). The second day early wake up then descent to Manastirea Sambata (where I've met Nico and Cosmin) then by car to Balea Cascada and finally an ascent on foot from Balea Cascada to Balea Lac .

1. The main ridge (183 kB)

2. Fog northwards, clear southwards (125 kB)

3. Moldoveanu triangle lake (282 kB)

4. In portita Vistei (151 kB)

5. Rest before Fereastra Mare (145 kB)

6. Room where I've slept (160 kB)

7. Caution - cats and donkeys (179 kB)

8. View towards Fereastra Mare (125 kB)

9. Sambata Monastery (263 kB)

10. Climbing Balea Valley (243 kB)

11. Balea Waterfall (302 kB)

12. Upper Balea valley (119 kB)

13. All of us (291 kB)