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Pictures list from December 8th, 2003

Death Valley National Park, California. Gorgeous trip thru Death Valley, three days with a night slept under the stars and another in the car. The barren, dry landscape is gorgeous, not to mention the temperatures of up to 22 degrees (centigrade) during mid-december (that's why the trip is under Summer 2003 - the climate matched the Romanian summer contitions)

1. On the Dante peak (302 kB)

2. The Death Valley (141 kB)

3. Way under the sea level (322 kB)

4. The bottom of the valley (233 kB)

5. Natural Bridge Canyon (226 kB)

6. With a boulder (318 kB)

7. A narrow canyon (197 kB)

8. Golden Canyon at night (160 kB)

9. At the end of Golden Canyon (117 kB)

10. Stone markings (340 kB)

11. Resting in Fall Canyon (369 kB)

12. Fall Canyon, a narrow spot (369 kB)