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Pictures list from February 7th, 2004

Solitary trip in the northern part of the Bucegi range and the southern part of Postavaru range, from Busteni to Gura Diham chalet , La Cleste saddle, Diham chalet , Frasinet valley, La Sipote , DN 73A si then on the trail which reaches Predeal over the Fitifoi peak . The last two hours were on darkness, exactly as I wanted.

1. In a slanted forest between Busteni and Gura Diham (371 kB)

2. Lots of snow between La Cleste and Diham (155 kB)

3. A view towards Postavaru (97 kB)

4. Sunset behind Bucegi (91 kB)

5. Again the sunset (92 kB)

6. A dog at the Diham chalet (180 kB)

7. On a woodbridge between Diham and Predeal (200 kB)

8. Fetifoi summit at night (143 kB)