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Pictures list from May 29th, 2004

Again we've left the car at Piscu Negru; the intial plan called for us to reach Caltun Lake then on the main ridge until Capra Saddle then descent towards Capra Chalet. The nightfall was supposed to get us somewhere ardound the middle of the itinerary. The first part of the trek, up to Caltun Lake was uneventful; we did not realise that we should turn back due to abundant snow so we continued towards Capra . Somewhere in the middle of the main ridge trail, between Laita and Paltinu peaks, we finally realised that we cannot go on so we decided to turn back. It was already 3am and the moon disappeared so we took a 2 hour break, until 5am, on absolute darkness. Even after resuming the march we've had probles; we decided to descend thru Paltinu Valley ; here the abundant snow caused us futher problems. Finally, after lots of adventures, we've reached the car the second day around 1.30pm (the initial plan called for us to reach it just after midnight - so we were late by more than 12 hours!)

1. Me and a small cat

2. A bit over Piscu Negru

3. Girls walking up

4. Myself in the Caltun Shelter

5. Frozen lake Caltun

6. Again the lake, seen from main ridge

7. Somewhere in the ridge

8. In the Paltinu Valley

9. Same footbridge, 19 hours later

10. Girls sleeping