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Pictures list from April 24th, 2005

Very short, 3.5 hours trip. I've climbed in two hours from Cabana Voina (938m) to the shepherds' house at Plaiul lui Patru (1630m) . The descent, via the same trail, took only an hour and a half. I was in Iezer one year ago around the same time of the year but now the snow was way, way more abundant; it started around 1200m and at the treeline (1500m) it measured at least half metre.

1. Rausor artificial lake (178 kB)

2. Plaiul lui Patru with a shepherds' hut (44 kB)

3. Leaota, far away (69 kB)

4. Gradisteanu in sunlight (68 kB)

5. Plaiul lui Patru (76 kB)

6. The shepherds' hut (115 kB)

7. The main ridges (72 kB)

8. Lots of signs (289 kB)