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Pictures list from September 11th, 2005

When descending four days before the Strunga Dracului I decided to visit the place again, together with Strunga Doamnei. To reach them I've chosen two path rarely used and the result was a nice day out. After parking the car & wife at the Piscu Negru Chalet I've climbed the Lespezi Valley (this marking is not mentioned on older maps) until it crosses the trail which climbs from Arefu to Negoiu ; from here I've descending thn climbed the other side of Caldarea Berbecilor , until the top of the Strunga Doamnei, which I descended , then I climbed Strunga Dracului ; finally the return was on the Negoiu-Arefu trail until the Podeanu-Florea saddle from where I took another trail to Piscu Negru .

1. The Lespezi Stream (252 kB)

2. The Lespezi Valley (235 kB)

3. Caldarea Berbecilor (241 kB)

4. Exit from Strunga Doamnei (265 kB)

5. In Strunga Dracului (260 kB)

6. A fallen rock (254 kB)

7. Typical Fagaras landscape (221 kB)

8. A rich tree (259 kB)