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Pictures list from May 5th, 2007

After seven months here I am again at Valea lui Stan , this time in a trip by public transport (train, train, van, van, thumb when going and thumb, van, thumb, train when coming back - it was fun). The valley is like last autumn beautiful... This time we only trekked to the 'Shoes Off' point, some minutes before the little dam which marks the end of the alpine part of the valley. I wasn't able to find much material on the Internet regarding Valea lui Stan

1. A friendly dog

2. The first obstacle

3. A small fall

4. Sun and water

5. Ladder with tree

6. Radu and Razvan

7. Razvan is happy

8. Three waterfalls

9. Everyone near a small lake

10. The Shoes Off point

11. Myself in the water

12. Here we stopped

13. Walking on broken ladders

14. Radu and Razvan clinged to the wall