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Pictures list from May 9th, 2009

I've read that some upgrade was done on Stan Valley during 2008 so I went to check the valley. It was the third time I climbed it but the trail seemed much more dangerous to me than previous times; maybe the water level from the small dam was flowing at a higher rate, maybe I got older... The 2008 upgrades are useful; some black ropes appeared as help in some difficult places, two more logs, some ladders were remade and all the trail was marked with plastic stripe. In 2006 I failed to identify the upper exit from the valley but this time, also helped by the description from the Natura Romaniei magazine (year 2, issue 10 - January 2009) I continued towards Calugarita and the southern shore of the Vidraru lake .

1. At the entrance (261 kB)

2. An impressive wall (245 kB)

3. In the lower part of the valley (257 kB)

4. Two streams (255 kB)

5. The big ladder (267 kB)

6. Waterfall below big ladder (262 kB)

7. Details (275 kB)

8. Another waterfall (249 kB)

9. Broken ladders (260 kB)

10. A freshly installed passage (275 kB)

11. A bridge made of logs (254 kB)

12. Double waterfall (253 kB)

13. Before getting wet (254 kB)

14. Descaltarea point (257 kB)

15. The last waterfall (254 kB)

16. The small dam (265 kB)

17. The valley above the dam (260 kB)

18. The much-waited sign (259 kB)

19. A clearing (240 kB)

20. Here it ends (246 kB)

21. A boat on the lake (239 kB)

22. The central heights (218 kB)