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Pictures list from September 27th, 2004

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Maybe the most spectacular of the US hikes. It's exactly the other way - at first you descend, then you go back up! Then the landscape is gorgeous and very wild. I descended South Kaibab Trail (some 1500m elevation difference) and went back up on Bright Angel Trail (some 1350m).

1. At the beginning of the descent

2. A lonely rock

3. The trail winding down

4. Looking upwards during a break

5. A mule train

6. Looking towards the other rim

7. A first look on the river

8. The bridge is visible

9. The Colorado river and the other bridge

10. The bridge, now closer

11. On the bridge

12. A funny notice

13. The beginning of the upward leg

14. The river entering some narrows

15. Again the river

16. A green waterfall

17. There's a lot more

18. At the end