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Pictures list from August 20th, 2006

Leaving home a bit late I managed to reach Cojocaru on Dambovita valley only at 12.30 noon. From here I climbed along Dragosloveni Valley up to Garofita Pietrei Craiului chalet then continued until the trail which runs parallel the main ridge some 500m lower . From here I turned left thru Umerii Pietrei Craiului then met the La Lanturi trail ; which I followed up to Saua Grind . I turned then right to trek the southern ridge up to Saua Funduri where I arrived at 8.15pm. The descent was by Urzicii valley to Prepeleag where the night arrived (it was 9pm). For the next hour I descended thru the woods to Crucea Granicerului and the Hunting Lodge ; the last 3km were on forestry road. A nice trip which took me 10 hours instead of the planned 8.

1. The small Dragoslovenilor Valley (300 kB)

2. A butterfly (239 kB)

3. Marele Grohotis is already visible (238 kB)

4. The Garofita Pietrei Craiului chalet (247 kB)

5. The Southern Ridge (259 kB)

6. Rocks under La Zaplaz (154 kB)

7. Main ridge in the afternoon (244 kB)

8. The sun is setting over Iezer (191 kB)

9. At the end (197 kB)