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Pictures list from September 24th, 2009

I wanted for several years to walk on Brana Caprelor so I've built a hike which would include it, managing to change seven different marking during a single day; the trip was absolutely great. I've left Busteni going towards Poiana Costilei then under the mountain up to Pichetu Rosu where I turned left towards Prepeleag ;tr. From here I proceeded on the ugly trail which goes to Bucsoiu until it meets the upper end of Brana Caprelor at an elevation of 2277m. Then I've descended Brana Caprelor to the floor of the Malaesti Valley where I've met the trail which climbs towards Omu; I followed it up to the lower end of the horn which goes to Curmatura Hornurilor ; here I left the marked trail and climbed the horn ; from Curmatura Hornurilor I've descended towards Stana din Gaura then the Simon village of Bran , completing the day with an 8km walk up to Bran-Center. I was a bit disappointed by Brana Caprelor, which I judged to be plain and uninteresting, however I enjoyed the descent of Valea Gaura, with has a very varied and beautiful landscape.

1. Morning at Poiana Costila (343 kB)

2. Wrong sign (435 kB)

3. Above the treeline (333 kB)

4. Climbing rocks (335 kB)

5. Malaest chalet, far below (299 kB)

6. The upper end of Brana Caprelor (508 kB)

7. Again at the junction (406 kB)

8. Having some rest (344 kB)

9. The beginning of Brana Caprelor (484 kB)

10. A helicopter at Malaesti (330 kB)

11. Looking back (507 kB)

12. A small horn (515 kB)

13. An impressive wall (328 kB)

14. The horn (458 kB)

15. A mountain goat (376 kB)

16. Goat and rocks (397 kB)

17. She's going (361 kB)

18. Another strange sign (432 kB)

19. The entrance (289 kB)

20. I finally did it (448 kB)

21. The Omu chalet, behind (268 kB)

22. Vertical walls (382 kB)

23. Another impressive wall (499 kB)

24. Where I trekked today (223 kB)